Dynamics & De-realisation, Published by Springer N.Y.Wien, January 2012

Margot Krasojevic


Introducing a new book by Dr. Margot Krasojevic, opening up an exciting frontier in critical architectural writing, towards defining a new future for architecture.


"I'm enamored by many of Krasojevic' s projects -- her text is particularly enjoyable, even with the philosophical weight of her approach" Archidose review, John Hill, New York.


“Imagine taking both of Morpheus’s pills and chasing them with a stiff drink and the picture becomes perfectly clear. She causes the fiction of the real to fall away. This is what makes her work and her writing so exciting” Prof. Jonathan D. Solomon, Founder of 306090; Dean of University of Hong Kong
follow up monograph to Spatial Pathologies Floating Realities, edited by Professor Lebbeus Woods.

Dynamics & De-realisation is an interdisciplinary work using philosophy, narrative and developments in computer science to define perceptions of reality and how they influence architecture.

The collection of architectural design projects creatively intertwined with cultural and philosophical theories focus on what appears to be real, presenting a range of methodologies and a set of tools for addressing this discourse.

Dynamics & De-realisation - Margot Krasojevic,
Dynamics & De-realisation - Margot Krasojevic,

The contents have been divided into 5 sections, each chapter developing a design criteria process involving one of the following areas in philosophy:

1.Hyperreality and simulacra within postmodern philosophy, drawing on Jean Baudrillard;
2.Semiology and the authority of form;
3.Complexity and noumenon/non-Euclidean geometry;
4.The exhausted confines of structuralist theory according to Roland Barthes;
5.Authenticity, with the aim to describe how we perceive reality and the urban fabric

Employing psychology, neurology, perception and the ontological potential of space into a design process and part of a set of design criteria under which forms are generated.

www.springerarchitektur.a - Margot Krasojevic Im Portrat
www.springerarchitektur.a - Margot Krasojevic Im Portrat

Margot Krasojevic is an academic, architect, psychoanalyst, writer, consultant and lecturer of advanced digital design in architecture based in London and Beijing. Trained in architecture at the Architectural Association, the Bartlett School of Architecture, U.C.L. and M.I.T. Media Lab, she specializes in the dissemination of architecture through media, curatorial practice, research, teaching and practice. She has published two monographs of her architectural design research edited by Professor Lebbeus Woods and Professor Jonathan D. Solomon entitled Spatial Pathology Floating Realities and Dynamics & De-realisation respectively. The director of Decodeine, a research lab and studio located in Beijing and Belgrade; and contributor to a number of international publications on architecture and design. Acted as lead tutor at The Bartlett,University College London; Washington University, University of Western Australia, University of California, Berkley and University of Greenwich.

Prior to which she has worked with the Office of Zaha Hadid, NOX and Morphosis.


Margot Krasojevic Tel: + 44 7958 595098 
Email: margot@decodeine.org 
Site: www.springerarchitektur.at/margot-krasojevic-im-po

www.springerarchitektur.a - Margot Krasojevic Im Portrat

www.springerarchitektur.a - Margot Krasojevic Im Portrat

Dynamics & De-realisation - Margot Krasojevic,

Dynamics & De-realisation - Margot Krasojevic,